The following activities are carried out within the Centre for Lifelong Learning as the Faculty organizational unit: Creation and organization of professional, artistic and scientific courses in all fields of art, sciences of arts and methodology, with different duration, in accordance with the Faculty of Arts in Niš Statute; Creation, accreditation and holding seminars for the teachers, professional development in accordance with the criteria of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and the Institute for the Education Improvement; Organization of art workshops, summer programs, colonies, camps and similar activities; Cooperation with artists and experts in the field of arts, sciences of arts and methodology from Republic of Serbia, the region and abroad, for the implementation of joint lifelong education programs in the field of interest for the Faculty of Arts in Niš; Publishing publications and conducting research in the field of lifelong learning, especially on the lifelong learning efficiency and purpose, supporting students’ activities in this field; Other tasks related to the lifelong learning process

Danijela Ilić, PhD, Associate professor

Jovan Bogosavlјević, MA, Full professor
Katarina Đorđević, MA, Full professor
Boris Bunjac, Associate professor
Sanja Dević, MA, Associate professor
Stevan Kitić, MA, Assistant professor
Igor Nikolić, PhD, Assistant professor
Marko Micić, Head of Multimedia centre