“Velizar Krstić” Graphic Award tо Natalija Ilić

Three-member commission composed of: prof. DA Slobodan Radojković, president and members – prof.  MA Bojan Živić and Jovana Djordjević, Assistant professor, based on the insight into the overall activity of all-years students at the Department of Visual Arts in the past academic year, is unanimous in the decision that this year’s winner of “Velizar Krstić” Graphic Award will be Natalija Ilić, 3rd year student of UAS, for exhibited graphics within a series of portraits realized in the algraphy technique.

A special attitude towards drawing, understanding of the expressive possibilities of algraphy and Natalija Ilić,s continuous dedication to the graphics – resulted in graphics that are characterized by authentic manuscript and high technical level of realization.