Students from the classes of Saša Arsenkov, MA and Katarina Simonović Ivanković, MA achieved remarkable results at X Competition “Serbian Solo Song” in Mladenovac

At X “Serbian Solo Song” competition, which was held on 19th and 20th November 2022 in Mladenovac, the Faculty of Arts in Niš students participated in the fourth and fifth categories.


Three students of the Department of Solo Singing in the class of Saša Arsenkov, MA, Assistant prof, won the following awards:

Pavle Arandjelović, 2nd year student, won 1st prize in IV category (94 points),

Katarina Mihailović, 4th year student, won 3rd prize in V category (96.66 points),

Jelena Todorović, 4th year student, won 5th prize in V category (91.66 points).


Student from the class of Katarina Simonović Ivanković, MA, Associate prof.:

Anđela Antić, 4th year student, won 2nd prize in V category (85 points).