The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the Committee for accreditation of scientific-research organizations, made a resolution on 22nd January 2013 that the Faculty of Arts in Niš is accredited to carry out scientific-research activities.

The Center for scientific-research activity in the arts in the Balkans – Balkan Art Forum (BARTF) is an organizational unit of the Faculty within which the following activities are performed: preparing, organizing research activity with scientifically acceptable methods with the help of new technologies and innovations in the field of socio-humanistic sciences and the field of art, as well as other activities within scientific-research activity in the arts, organizing national and international scientific Faculty conferences, improving teaching methods in the field of arts and socio-humanistic sciences and their implementing in teaching, gathering information about cultural events, connecting and coordinating with European and world standards, establishing of a modern, efficient, rational and creative system of management in culture. The Centre enables connections with similar institutions in the exchange of scientific, technical, business and artistic information.

Head: Nataša Nagorni Petrov, PhD, associate professor

Expert council: Nikola Marković, MAS, assistant professor, Miljana Radenković, PhD, associate, mas. Ivana Milošević, associate

Center coordinator: Vesna Gagić, head of the Library

Center secretary: