The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the Committee for accreditation of scientific-research organizations, made a resolution on 22nd January 2013 that the Faculty of Arts in Niš is accredited to carry out scientific-research activities.

The Center for scientific-research activity in the arts in the Balkans – Balkan Art Forum (BARTF) is an organizational unit of the Faculty within which the following activities are performed: preparing, organizing research activity with scientifically acceptable methods with the help of new technologies and innovations in the field of socio-humanistic sciences and the field of art, as well as other activities within scientific-research activity in the arts, organizing national and international scientific Faculty conferences, improving teaching methods in the field of arts and socio-humanistic sciences and their implementing in teaching, gathering information about cultural events, connecting and coordinating with European and world standards, establishing of a modern, efficient, rational and creative system of management in culture. The Centre enables connections with similar institutions in the exchange of scientific, technical, business and artistic information.


Srdjan Marković, PhD, full professor


Expert council

Perica Donkov, MA, full professor

Sonja Cvetković, PhD, assistant professor

Jelena Trajković, MA, assistant professor


Center coordinator

Vesna Gagić, head of the Library


Center secretary

Milica Pešić, a fourth-year student