The Educational-artistic-scientific Council is the highest professional organ of the Faculty consisting of: the Dean and the Vice-Deans, the Heads of Departments, the chairmen of Desks of the Music Department, the representatives of the Department of Visual Arts and the Department of Applied Arts. The Dean of the Faculty is the President of the Council, by function.




Faculty dean

Milena Injac, DMA

+381 18 245 379





Vice-Dean for academic affairs

Ivan Novaković, MA

+381 18 513 272


Vice-Dean for artistic and scientific affairs

Jovan Bogosavljević, MA

+381 18 513 272


Vice-Dean for finance

Miroslav Živković, MA

+381 18 513 272


Vice-Dean for quality and international cooperation

Katarina Djordjević, MA

+381 18 513 272


The Educational-Artistic Council is the highest professional body of the Faculty consisting of the Dean, Vice Deans, Heads of Departments, chairmen of the teaching chairs of the Music Department, and the representatives of the Departments of Visual and Applied Arts. The Council may set up permanent and temporary commissions to discuss various educational-artistic issues or other matters within its competences. The permanent commissions of the Council are: the Commission on Student Affairs, the Commission for Self-evaluation, the Commission for the Faculty Library, the Commission for Publishing Activities and the Disciplinary Commission for the Faculty students.

The members of the Collegium are: the Dean, the Vice-Deans, the Heads of Departments and the general Secretary of the Faculty. In the work of the Collegium, as appropriate, may participate the Chairmen of Desks and the heads of the services in the Secretariate of the Faculty

The Electoral Council comprises of the teachers, expert and artistic associates with a full-time employment at the Faculty. The Dean of the Faculty is the President of the Electoral Council, by function.