Ivana Milošević, MAS Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Arts in Niš, participated with Niš Chamber Choir at “Razvigor” Choir Festival, the first memorial to prof. Jovica Gavrilović at Center for Culture and Art in Aleksinac, on October 19th, 2019. Niš Chamber Choir won the first prize in the mixed choir category and the first prize for a given composition, which was Jovica Gavrilovic’s “Mother advised Mary” (Majka Maru svjetovala) in this category.

“Razvigor” Festival is being held for the first time and is organized by Center for Culture and Art in Aleksinac, Primary School “Vladimir Djordjević” and Marina Gavrilović, PhD, a conductor of mixed chamber choir “Pevnica” from Aleksinac. The festival is competitive in nature and involves choir performances in several categories. Choirs from Vršac, Aleksinac, Pančevo, Zrenjanin, Jagodina, Paraćin, Pomorie (Bulgaria) participated in the competition.

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