the present letter wants to present the competition announcement attached to encourage the participation of the students enrolled at your Academy / Institute at the 2023 edition of International Musical Festival “Nei Suoni Dei Luoghi” (XXV edition) organized by the “Associazione Progetto Musica” of Udine-Italy, or for participation to other musical events related to it.

L’ Associazione Progetto Musica, headquarters in Udine (ITALY), since 1999 has been organizing the “International Musical Festival Nei Suoni Dei Luoghi”, that provides for the realization of concerts and side events in particular historical and cultural venues of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Slovenia and Austria and it involves not only established concert performers, young musicians from academies throughout Europe. www.neisuonideiluoghi.it

The festival has a series of very important artistic partnerships such as: Mittelfest, FOLKEST, International Music Festival of Portogruaro, Carniarmonie, Armonie in Corte, Ente Regionale Teatrale of FVG, Kulturni Dom of Nova Gorica (Slovenia), Via Iulia Augusta Association (Austria).

For over 15 years, the Festival has received the “Award of the President of the Italian Republic’s Representation Award” through the Representation Medal reserved for particularly worthy initiatives of significant institutional, cultural and social. Furthermore, for some years the festival has been sponsored by the “European Commission”, the “Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ministry” and ” Presidency of the Council of Ministers “.


From the 2023 edition the artistic direction is jointly entrusted to Valentina Danelon in collaboration with Gloria Campaner. The artistic direction will conduct auditions by examining audio-video material that will be sent to the Music Project Association, following the directions that will be found on the site

The selected musicians will participate in International Musical Festival “Nei Suoni Dei Luoghi” and other musical events organized by Associazione Progetto Musica.

The complete material must be sent by the candidates no later than the mandatory deadline of: 07 February 2023.

Candidates are required to record audio-video of two pieces having different styles, each of which must be recorded without editions, interruptions or cuts. Candidates who propose themselves as soloists, will have to present a solo program, piano accompaniment is allowed. Groups or soloists of jazz and folk / traditional music and other similar musical genres are also admitted.

L’Associazione Progetto Musica will award a scholarship of € 300 for each student selected for participation in the Festival which will be presented as a soloist.
In case of “duo” the scholarship awarded will be € 500 in total
In case of “trio” the scholarship awarded will be € 600 in total
In case of “quartet” the scholarship awarded will be € 800 in total
For groups with a higher number of musicians, the total scholarship awarded will be € 1.000

L’Associazione Progetto Musica will arrange the travel and accommodation expenses of musicians from Academy.

Thanking you in advance for your kind attention and trusting to be able to count you in our network and to be able to collaborate together we kindly ask you to send the writer an e-mail confirming the publication of the notice on your institutional website.


Best Regards


The Secretariat

Associazione Progetto Musica


Associazione Progetto Musica

viale Duodo 61, Udine

+39 0432 532330

C.F. 90013050316

P.I. 00493570311


Audition Call 2023 (pdf)

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